We Want To be Your Long-Term Partner

Our Systems Truly Work For You

Our managed services by Virtual Image is a long-term partner who cares deeply about helping you maximize your investment. We view the support of our systems as part of the ecosystem of technology deployment.

Global Support & Maintenance

The mix of technologies in many organizations preclude in-house expertise of each system, often resulting in no escalation to others in the organization and calling a manufacturer for help can be frustrating and slow. This is made worse by remote support teams working in various time zones, various work styles, and a host of other problems.

The benefits of a Virtual Image Continuity agreement are many:

  • Priority Service – Response times are guaranteed
  • Track your service calls in real time
  • Predictable yearly costs
  • Unlimited 24x7x365 calls with an expert
  • Unlimited Service calls to site globally

Advanced Monitoring

By using our proactive monitoring service, issues are typically identified before they have an impact on your business, and the root cause is simpler to pinpoint. Committed professionals may be quickly contacted with complex issues, and they will come up with a strategy to solve them. All monitored assets throughout the entire estate can be seen through a single real-time glass window.

Let us be your Eyes and Ears

Staff Augmentation

A technical workforce that is usually scattered across several time zones, working remotely, and constantly changing, plus IT resources that are regularly at their maximum capacity, leaves many businesses without the bandwidth to handle the day-to-day personnel support challenges. The strong competition among prominent organisations to locate candidates only makes this situation worse.

With choices for short or long term, temporary and contract-to-hire employment, we may provide a single employee up to several people to fit your specific needs. Your teams may concentrate on strategy while we take care of the technology when we have an IT support team on site to ensure smooth, ongoing operations.

Asset and Life Cycle Management

Even the most advanced businesses frequently lack an exhaustive list of all its technological assets, serial numbers, dates when things were put into operation, and firmware versions. Visual Image can help your team establish a database of these assets to establish a base point in managing the life cycle of your systems.

  • Ensure software updates do not cripple your investment
  • Ensure products do not go out of support.
  • Speed time to troubleshoot and repair

Analytics and Data Visualizations

Data and Analytics are both a solution and managed service

Measuring what is working or not working should be a continuous managed services process in your customer engagement strategy. Getting to the root of what content is driving behavior and when is invaluable to making decision on the content itself, the facility layout, and pricing. Visual Image can report on KPI’s for your business helping turn Data into actionable information

  • Track how changes in content affect desired business objective
  • Anonymously track how customers move within your space, measuring data such as visit duration and dwell times in any specific area
  • Anonymously collect audience demographics and sentiment
  • Report on the level of area engagement via eye tracking
  • Track product engagement via interactive kiosks or QR touchpoints
  • Report on how changes in any variable effect outcomes